Emercomm Business Consulting - Lean Enterprise Management

Lean Enterprise Management


 Lean Enterprise Management analyses your key business process to increase speed to value, speed to market, increase revenues and margins through increases efficiencies and reduces complexity in the process creating information low with in your business.  Release the power in your business through Lean Enterprise Management.

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Lean Enterprise Automation


LeanControl RTO is Emercomm's Lean Enterprise Automation Solution. Emercomm has taken 200 years of lean business process management and applied robotic process automation to integrate a control system to simplify the process interaction with CRM, ERP and MFG systems and your companies Employees. LeanControl RTO enables group working, escalations and externalisation of functions previously bespoke d in the core systems. Ensure your system is future proofed and your process is managed with LeanControl RTO. 

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Lean Organisational Education


Lean Enterprise Educations enables alignment through the organisation. Our Education Services address your organisation needs in four layers

  • Executive Cross Business Workshop
  • Executive Lean Business Macro to Micro Workshop
  • Operational Leadership Lean Enterprise Management Ennoblement Workshop
  • Organisational Lean Enterprise Management Alignment Workshops

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Lean ERP Selection


ERP Procurement, Selection and Implementation is like performing open heart surgery while driving a car it can be costly, time consuming and painful. As Gartner has found 75% of all ERP procurement and implementations never deliver the business benefits, they were intended to deliver. ERP Selection ensures that your business is ready to drive stakeholder value, evaluate the best ERP solution and maximise the Speed to Value for your business, your people, your stakeholders and your customers through the ERP implementation. 

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Lean ERP Optimisation


 75% of all ERP Implementations fail. According to Gartner the key drivers of this is a lack of clarity from the vendor on their capabilities coupled with a lack of understanding.  When ERP implementation stall, the time scales and budgets come under pressure regardless of the type of contract. Emercomm's Lean ERP Optimisation helps get stalled ERP implementation back on track by ensuring clarity of process and delivery of the procurement business drivers.   To get clarity of purpose and deliver stakeholder value.

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Lean ERP Acceleration


Selection and Implementation are the start often journey with an ERP system. Once live optimising the system process and ensuring you can easily maintain the system can become a headache for the business and IT department. Emercomm's ERP Acceleration an optimise your erp processes. Streamlining the implemented process to release value, increase ease of maintenance and leveraging new product features as they are released. Release the hidden value in your ERP.

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