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Growing the business, CAGR, EBITDA, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction and increasing market share demands a dynamic and flexible organization. Change is inevitable to stay ahead of the competition. So how do you manage growth and change successfully while maintaining a balanced scorecard.

Lean Enterprise Management is a proven methodology to deliver change and speed with up to 15% productivity growth and 20% reduction in costs. Lean Enterprise Management increases efficiencies and removes waste by ensuring the right people do the right activities at the right time with the right information. To quote Jack Welsch CEO GE "Speed is everything. It is the indispensable ingredient to competitiveness" 


Be like Jack...be competitive

Human Resources



The people within any company are critical to its success and growth. Managing People is therefore vital to ensuring that companies’ talent is correctly aligned to the business. As People are the key driver in any company’s success focusing on hiring the right People’s training and developing them to do the right job with the right information at the right time is the key to success. As your business transforms enabling people to apply the lean principles to their own processes drives a lean enterprise and increases growth and profits. If you manage people find out more about how our full “hire to retire” business processes can ensure you’re following HR best practice and supporting you people, your company and your growth.




Lean Enterprise Management delivers results across the organisation improving both P&L performance and Balance sheet value.

· Up to 15% increase in overall productivity

· Up to 30% increase in Order to Cash efficiency

· 10% conversion of working capital to cash within a year

· 26% increase in delivery performance

· 57% increase in time to market

· 20% operating cost reduction

· 50% reduction in staff turnover

Lean Enterprise Management aligns your whole business to driving result and imbeds the culture for future success.



Speed to Value is a key measure of delivery. Ensuring the right people doing the right activities with the right information at the right time increase speed to value, delivery confidence and budget management.

Ensure your customer become your biggest advocate through Lean Enterprise Management



Production design, production planning, production scheduling, production line management, plant management, Bill of Materials Management, inventory and quality. Ensuring efficiency and quality within the product conversion cycle is where Lean Enterprise Management started with the Toyota Production Process.

Lean Enterprise Management focuses on removing inefficiency from the production process and physical environment.  Continuous improvement through rapid real time problem solving and resolution becomes the new normal.

Increase your production by up to 15%, reduce your scrap by up to 20% and inventory by up to 26%.

Purchasing & Distribustion


Minimizing stock and warehousing drives efficiency within the whole supply chain and releases cash to the business to invest.

Lean Enterprise Management releases the need to high stock levels, aging stock, large warehousing and distribution models by streamlining the supply chain and maximizing the source to procure, inventory & warehousing and distribution processes to increase efficiencies and release capacity and cash to the business to increase shareholder value.