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Lean Control Solutions

Emercomm has built a suite of tools to fast-track your journey to profit, productivity and agility

Emercomm has developed a complete package of automated business processes for manufacturing, distribution,  repair and professional service organizations that can be integrated into your network of solutions.  Not only are you able to define your business process but you can be confident that it is being followed and is auditable.

This offering reduces the time, effort, cost and risk of managing the key processes of your business and improves the efficiency of your staff.  Talk to us about how Lean Control can fast track you onto the path to greater efficiency and profit.

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Lean Control RTO Benefits

LeanControl RTO is a prepackaged set of automated business processes that can be implemented within three months and enable clients to:

  • Implement business processes at the enterprise level
  • Control their business processes…not just map them
  • Control areas of their business that have the potential for business risks to occur
  • Escalate stages of critical business processes to management automatically and ensure that management responds
  • Link your ERP solution to other information systems and technologies such as CAD, HRIS, email, document management, internet-based applications and more
  • Enable your customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to actively participate in business processes in which they have key roles
  • Plan the human resources required to effectively and efficiently execute business processes
  • Create audit trails of business processes in compliance with ISO or regulatory requirements
  • Review metrics of the business processes to identify areas that can be improved

LeanControl RTO is an enhancement to, not a replacement of, your ERP’s own BPM offering and does not impact or modify your solution’s software. We employ certified consultants and work with your ERP solution’s partners to deliver our consulting, education and application solutions to your organization.

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For more information regarding passive versus active management please read: Passive vs Active BPM

Lean Inventory Analysis

The Lean Inventory Analysis Service allows clients  to properly analyze their current inventory position and quantify the gaps.  Emercomm has also developed a predictive inventory system we call Lean Inventory Analysis that identifies the potential for stock-outs and over-stock situations.

The Lean Inventory Service is performed by our very experienced analysts. We also have inventory and purchasing professionals on our staff that can assist your people in root cause analysis and getting your suppliers in line with your objectives. The Lean Inventory Service is ideal for any organization that is in a highly competitive position where inventory.

Licensing:  Lean Control Solutions are licensed on an annual subscription basis (no maintenance and support fees).  This offering reduces the time, effort, cost and risk of managing the key processes of your business and improves the efficiency of your staff.  The processes are all based on lean best practices.