Made to Stock

Made to Stock Manufacturing

This organization is a make-to-stock (MTS) business of over 400 employees and over $100 million in revenue. Although profitable, their growth rate over the previous three years had been substantial with many new employees in both production and the office. The business is highly regulated (Food & Drug audit requirements in two countries) which requires material lot traceability.

Other Benefits:

The organization invested in RFID technology from receiving through the warehouse and production and into shipping.


  • Real time tracking of inventory movement
  • Inventory movement also recorded employee ID of material handler and production stations utilized
  • Reassignment of one full time employee to more productive usage
  • Automation of sales order pick list onto mobile devices located on the material handling units in shipping (more paper saved and more accurate pick and ship actions)

Green benefits:

  • Eliminating the paper usage reduced carbon emissions
  • Reducing the premium outbound freight also reduced total number of transportation trips reducing carbon emissions
  • The organization continues to grow and does so with less stress, less business risk and more confidence. Profitability margins continue to grow.