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Clear Business Outcome (CBO) is the Consulting Partner for Emercomm in the United Kingdom and Western Europe.  With the depth of knowledge they have in lean process management and ERP solutions such as Epicor and Sage X3, CBO is a valued partner in the implementation and ongoing development of our LeanControl applications and methodology. (CBO Website)

XSOL Traditional business process modeling software helps connect your IT systems. But it can’t give you a picture of your business or what your people should be doing. It’s like radio: useful – but missing an important dimension. EPP connects your people and processes together, giving you a picture of your entire business and processes in a way no other software does.  XSOL is the process management enabling tool that Emercomm uses to develop business processes that are designed to reduce elapsed time, human effort and non-value-added costs. When that design work is complete, we can then gain control of the business processes and minimize risks by using the automation functions of XSOL. (XSOL Website)

The Emercomm Partner Program ensures market readiness for partners through the right mix of people, process and technology. Using the Emercomm Way you will find that projects will be Less Expensive and Faster to implement, Documented, Repeatable, Adaptable to make you more money! Contact us at info@emercomm.com to learn more!

The benefits of Partnering with Emercomm:

  • Unique “Acceleration Partner Training” programs
  • Proven “Simplification” methodology
  • Joint marketing programs
  • Dedicated Partner Portal for support and collaboration

We recognize that when two or more organizations bring their combined expertise together then the client wins. We have several types of partnering programs which are explained below. For further information, contact: Ken Cowman, Managing Director at: kcowman@emercomm.com

Referral Partners:   We will partner with your organization to shorten your sales cycle by providing value added business process, coaching insight and solutions that often leads to incremental sales for your business at no cost to you.  “The cost of sale to me was one phone call and resulted in 20K in incremental software and services.”  Steve – Second Foundation

Certified Coaching Partners (CCP):  This program is for professional services organizations that are serious about simplifying their clients’ organizations and need a methodology and resources to do so. Our CCP program provides those coaches with access to the methodology, educational inventory and LeanControl RTO products that Emercomm has developed and continues to update.

Additionally, CCP members have access to the knowledge capital of Emercomm’s organizational resources and preferred subcontract rates between the members of the program. This provides our CCP members with a wealth of expertise to assist you or your clients in areas where you may not have that expertise within your own organization.  For more CCP info, please download the program overview here: Emercomm CCP Program Outline

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