Customer Value Proposition


Case Study – Improve On Time Shipping

Spend less than 9 minutes with Ken Cowman, CEO of Emercomm, to learn how business process reengineering and automated business process management increased on time shipping metrics from 84.3% to 99.6% and eliminated over $19,400 in overhead costs.


The True Cost of Paper

What does paper really cost your organization in terms of time, energy and lost work?

The True Cost of Paper


Single Point of Contact Service (SPOCS)

SPOCS, as the name may suggest, is the implementation of a collaborative business process that includes technology and knowledge in a manner whereby a customer only has to make one contact with an organization to accomplish one or more tasks.



Six Sigma: What, Where, When, Why & How

Many people, if they know what Six Sigma (6σ) is, think of it as a quality methodology that is only applicable to the operations side of a business. This is a falsehood and in this article we’ll explore the many application areas of Six Sigma and where it fits into an organization’s plan to become more competitive.

Six Sigma


Quick Response – It’s Elemental

We can break down and analyze an organization’s ability to enable Quick Response (QR) initiatives by looking at the fundamental elements of the total demand /
supply cycle. It starts with product marketing and ends with logistics. An analysis of speed starts with a benchmark and ends with the attainment of Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Quick Response


Consignment Inventory – Who’s Inventory Is It?

In a number of industries, Vendor Managed Inventory and consignment inventory is becoming prevalent. The onus on the customer at this point is to be able to provide consumption forecast and actual consumption data to the vendor.

Consignment Inventory


Concurrent Engineering – A Lean Methodology

Concurrent Engineering is a methodology that organizations can use when trying to reduce design, overhead and material costs. It can also be used to reduce the opportunity for workers to be injured on the job.

Concurrent Engineering