Business Process Management (BPM)


Lean Control Methodology

Spend less than 10 minutes with Ken Cowman, CEO of Emercomm, to learn how the deliverables of our methodology will drive wasted time, human effort and cost out of your organization and control your business risks.  It’s not about technology…it’s about people.


Physical Inventory Cycle Counting

Spend less than 14 minutes with Ken Cowman, CEO of Emercomm and former inventory manager, to learn the methodology to achieving inventory record accuracy of over 99% and how to eliminate the need for the annual physical count.


The Future of Work – Video

Spend less than 10 minutes with Ken Cowman, CEO of Emercomm, to hear his thoughts on how the future of work will create great opportunities for organizations to reduce:  overhead costs; greenhouse gases, employee stress and taxes while improving employee productivity by 10 to 20 percent.



Human Resource Disaster Recovery Plan

In everyday life there are many situations where people are unexpectedly halted from getting to work for significant amounts of time or, sadly, never return. Recently we’ve had hurricanes, earthquakes, automobiles colliding with tourists, people being killed at concerts and other issues that come with living in our world which can very suddenly impact the humans that execute business and operational processes every day in our organizations. We don’t often see these events coming. Even when we do see a weather event shaping up, we often don’t have the ability to accurately predict which humans will be impacted the hardest. However, these events will take place and they will impact an organization’s ability to operate. The only variable is the amount of impact.

Human Resource Disaster Recovery Plan


The Spider and The CEO

Are you as efficient as a spider in detecting problems within the organization? Do you discern problems before they can become major issues?

The Spider and the CEO


The True Cost of Paper

What does paper really cost your organization in terms of time, energy and lost work?

The True Cost of Paper


The Glue that Binds

There are several lines of thought that have converged into the potential to reduce: time; human effort; cost; employee stress; and, greenhouse emissions while supporting a number of Lean Enterprise methodology areas. This provides an overview of a few of the lines of thought that may seem to not have relevance to each other, then explain how organizations may bring them together to create effective and positive change.

The Glue that Binds


Passive vs Active Business Process Modeling

Are you passively or actively engaging your process modeling?

Any organization that is going to engage in Lean initiatives should take a hard look at its business processes and where wasted time, effort, costs and risks likely exist. Investing
in a Passive BPM technology that allows for the metrics to be captured and deployed will help quantify waste and risk factors…as long as you have a facilitator that knows how to use the tools properly. If you choose a process modeling solution that can be automated, it’s going to make making changes to, and getting control of, those processes easier and faster.

Passive vs Active BPM


LeanControl RTO Enhancement Announcement

Emercomm Business Consultants Inc. announces additional functionality to LeanControl RTO, the automated business process management solution for users of enterprise systems in the manufacturing, distribution, construction and professional services verticals.

LeanControl RTO Enhancements 201707


Lean Control Overview

“How does management ensure that information received is promptly executed through a process?” Moreover, how do they know that the process is going to deliver a quality result? We know from experience  that people will take short-cuts when they can, that they often don’t know how a quality result can be consistently achieved. We also know that personnel changeover often results in the loss of a significant amount of knowledge capital. How can this be mitigated? What can a company do to make sure that consistent results are achieved?

LeanControl Overview