One Size Does Not Fit All

Organizations spend substantial amounts of money and resources on outside auditors to review their financial statements and make recommendations regarding the stewardship of the organization’s assets and management of debt. These people have specialized education and professional designations which qualify them to carry out these specific responsibilities. Those designations typically require both education and experience specific to the world of finance and accounting. Those organizations that are ISO certified also spend considerable amounts of resources on the preparation and auditing of their standards. Again, the people that are capable of doing so have specific education and experience in order to get a designation that allows them to do so. There are also various types of industries that are under regulatory mandate to maintain records that are subject to audit (e.g. food and drug, defense contractors, electrical components, etc.) and they must have qualified personnel that can perform quality checks (another form of auditing) on products prior to shipment to customers. However, none of the above auditors are likely to have the education or experience to perform audits on two of the most critical aspects of a manufacturing, distribution or 3rd party logistics organizations which can quickly become the difference between the organization’s success or failure: operations metrics; and, enterprise solutions utilization.

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