Over the past several years there has been a new technology that is coming into its own and is now affordable for small to medium enterprise (SME) organizations.  This technology is now being integrated by some solution developers, services providers, and users with the potential to change how business does business.

What is it?  This software technology is called: Business Process Management (BPM).

What is BPM?

It’s a graphical representation of business processes within the organization that are typically created in an Integrated Design Environment (IDE).  The representations include the processes that are performed by employees and encompass all of the actions, interactions and decisions that they make in executing their jobs.  All data elements required and their sources are also detailed in the processes.  A process may be initiated by a person performing a routine such as planning inventory or an event such as the receipt of a sales order.  All actions are linked in a logical order that the user must complete in order to finish the processes successfully.

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