Unbelievable: ERP – A Strategy to Avoid Failure

One of the first articles that I wrote for publication (March 2002) dealt with the issue of how to successfully select and implement an ERP (or any other) solution.  At that time the latest data showed that roughly four out of every five implementations failed to meet their objectives.  Depending upon which poll you looked at, the failure rate averaged around 83%.  The latest data that I’ve seen shows some improvement.  The failure rate has dropped to 74%!  Wow, now we only fail three out of four times to implement solutions: on time; on budget; and, with the results expected from the implementation.  Unbelievable! Yet, true.

More recently, surveys show that business improvement projects, typically named Lean or Continuous Improvement, fail to deliver expected results 75% of the time.  Again: Unbelievable! Yet, true.

Let me go through the list of common mistakes made that lead to failure and ways to insure you don’t go down that path.

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