Let’s Talk Trash – The Remanufacturing Movement

I’d like to give you a question to mull over for a minute or two.  How many tonnes of material and cubic litres of space do you think there are in landfills in Canada of discarded: personal computers; cell phones; computer printers; computer screens; entertainment systems (radios, VCR’s, televisions, etc); and, other electronic gadgets?  Now add automotive parts, appliances and telephones.  you could add paper shredders and keep on going with similar types of products that we tend to discard once they don’t function as we want.


Remanufacturing:  The Eco-Manufacturing Solution

Remanufacturing is the process of taking something that has been previously used and then restoring it to ‘as new’ condition.  Other items that this vertical is known as would be: refurbishing; rebuilding, restoring overhauling, reconditioning, and, the newest, ‘eco-manufacturing’.  Some of the products that you might know would be refurbished include cell phones, sound systems, televisions, automotive parts (e.g. carburetion systems and alternators) computers, used cars (some anyway), lawn mowers, etc.  Some products that you might now know about would include overhauling jet engines on regularly scheduled maintenance, refurbishing manufacturing and warehouse assets for resale; and, scrap metal.


In Europe, remanufacturing is becoming a way of life in order to reduce waste volume and harmful substances being dumped into landfills.  A by-product of this initiative is a reduction in transportation effort reducing cost and the environmental impact of trucking and processing of trash.  In fact, Germany has introduced laws to prohibit some substances from being introduced into landfills when they can be remanufactured into useful products.  The automotive, appliance and electronics industries in Germany and other parts of Europe are voluntarily committing to these endeavours.


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