To become a Lean Enterprise, much depends upon the fast interpretation of information by people that are responsible for executing processes. Management dashboard technology (commonly “MDT”) is a software tool that made its debut over 15 years ago. Much like the Business Process Management (BPM) software field, this technology has taken off and is becoming much more powerful, user friendly and affordable. A number of enterprise solution vendors are now incorporating MDT features into their solutions by either creating their own or partnering with organizations that have created stand-alone MDT solutions on compatible technology. A Quick Review Management Dashboards are used by organizations to track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and represent reports in a graphical format. The information is harvested from one or more databases and then presented in the format chosen by the user. There are two primary benefits to organizations…cost savings and the ability to set up and control various Lean Enterprise initiatives (e.g. Management-By-Exception or MBE). The cost savings come from the reduction of printed reports required and the time that people spend looking for nuggets of information. The benefit of MBE is partly cost of time savings but also that management can take more time to be proactive with planning and managing for future events when they are confident that there are no urgent KPI issues to content with.

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